Can an Strawcture board burn?

It is made from straw, after all! It will not burn! The straw in Strawcture board is pressed under very high pressure so that it contains very little of the air needed for a fire to burn. It is as if we wanted to burn a telephone directory in a fire place – this will also not burn without our help.

Can Strawcture panels be eaten by mice or other rodents?

Threshed straw is used to make Strawcture boards, which is subject to high pressure when it is pressed in production. The straw core of the Strawcture board is encased in three layers of recycled paper. After an Strawcture board is installed into a structure, the surface is penetrated and a final surface finish is applied, which does not attract rodents.

How do Strawcture home cope with humidity?

After the Strawcture board has been pressed, micro-pores are created in its core, which absorb air humidity. The panel retains this humidity until the temperature conditions around the Strawcture board change for the better. The Strawcture board then releases the humidity, moistening the air inside the room.

What is the lifetime of a Strawcture house?

Dry straw pressed to form a panel can last for up to 100 years. This has been proven by experience from the first panels made in England, which were used to build economical prefabricated houses from 1942 to 1960. These houses are now 70 years old and still properly serve their purpose. Further proof lies in the straw used in the partition walls when the Prague Lucerna was built in 1936. That remained at the same good quality until the recent reconstruction work.

Is it complicated to install Strawcture boards?

Can I manage it myself? Installing an Strawcture board is not a complicated process. Although it is a panel system, the basic technological procedures must be followed