Why Shelter?

A decent place for living is the third most basic need of a person after the needs for food and clothing. Owning a house ensures a certain degree of economic as well as social security to a citizen. 

Overall improvement in the quality of life occurs along with improvements in the physical environment.

The census of India 2011, estimated the total rural housing shortage during 2007-12 at 47.43 million houses. Of this 42.69 million or 90 % of the total shortage pertains to Below Poverty line families.

Why rural?

India lives in its villages, and while the cities have grown immensely over the last 20 years, rural areas have not seen that kind of development. For India's economy to be strong, the rural economy needs to grow. If rural India is poor, India is poor.


We believe the waste of one industry can be an asset for another. We want to build an enterprise that has a circular business model in the construction sector.


Our approach is to have a multi-dimensional solution to increase the access to owning a home for a family living in a village.

New building Material - Technical Assistance - Flexible Payment Model

All of it leads to a reduction in time (Time saved is money saved).

| meet Our Team

Shriti Pandey

In 2016, she quit her job in New York City to live for an entire year in a tribal village called Pandhana in Madhya Pradesh, India. For the most part of her life, she lived a very privileged life. She thought of wealth and privilege for her entire life and for most parts felt embarrassed about it. Living in the village made her learn that she shouldn't be ashamed of the privilege of getting the best education, opportunities and most important the liberty of making her own choices. She got the chance to see firsthand how not having those privileges shape's one life.

The 13 month long State bank of India fellowship showed her another India. She decided to use her construction knowledge and experience of working in Big Apple to increase the access to quality housing for all. Has a Master's degree in Construction Management from New York University.


Viral Shah

Viral Shah is a Civil Engineer Graduate from Ahmedabad with a keen interest in the Social sector. He has been running his nonprofit Asmaan Foundation working for the development of slum kids for 9 years. He is extremely passionate about providing " Housing for all " and currently looks after building new strategies and strategic partnership for the enterprise.


Virendra JADAM 

Having grown up in a business family, Virendra understood the value of enterprise, innovation and nurturing relationships and also the fact that one needs always to upgrade one’s skills to excel in life. He specializes in Marketing, Branding and Sales/Distribution. Virendra is passionate about building affordable housing using sharing economy concept. He is also deeply interested in rural marketing. His vision over the next twelve months is to further expand the Strawcture business and continue making a positive difference to the rural India and Bottom of the Pyramid. Virendra is an alumnus of IIM SIRMAUR with an MBA, Marketing, and Strategy. His Hobbies include Public Speaking, Meditation and Travelling.